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Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya

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Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya along the white sand beaches and calm, clear waters of Akumal, this stunning resort offers adults a picturesque escape complete with an exceptional Unlimited-Luxury� experience. Catering to your health and wellness, this resort offers an on-site spa, fitness centre and daily activities including yoga.
Location: Akumal; 20-minute drive from Playa del Carmen; 1-hour drive from Cancun International Airport.

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  • gellelramona : Toronto, Canada
Incredible Beach and Phenomenal Service

5 Star all the way! Thanks to Renegade, Leo and Alejandro. Fantastic entertainment team all round! Food was out of this world. Whoever complains is CRAZY! There is literally something for everyone. The breakfast buffet is to die for. The ROOMS are fantastic and cleaned to perfection. Incredible restaurants especially the Seaside Grill and French. Coco Café is my favourite spot. Open all day with so many choices. The ground are spectacular and you WILL never find a piece of garbage anywhere. Our Concierge in our building GLORIA WAS THE BEST EVER!!! So helpful and friendly at all times. The nightly entertainment was so fun and they know how to make a quality drink! The beds at the pool are so comfy and you do not have to wake up early to get one. They have three gorgeous pools. The beach is walkable and is so calm and quiet. I loved it! Tennis, pool aerobics, water cycling, yoga on the beach, beach volleyball, water basketball, bingo, tequila tasting, kitchen tours, bike tours, state of the art gym, cross-fit classes! You name it, they have it! Concierge, bell-hops, waiters, bartenders etc. They are all fantastic. GO TO THIS RESORT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

  • J B : Fairfax, Virginia
Didn't want to leave!

The wife and I stayed here for five days and had a fantastic time. The place is super clean and the staff are top notch. There are three pools, the one furthest from the beach is almost always empty and relaxing. We spent most of our time there, it truly felt like we were the only people there, which was perfect. The room was great (we stayed in bldg.9 third floor) super clean and they kept the mini-fridge stocked. The only complaint, which others have mentioned is the bathroom. Why on earth they've decided to keep the water closet open to the room is beyond me. I love my wife and she loves me, but having to step out to the balcony everytime one of us needed to do a #2 was silly. Outside of that, everything, from the entertainment to the pool side service was perfect. We would love to stay there again. I cannot say enough about how fantastic and friendly the staff were.

  • Miley2007 : Vermont
Almost Exactly Right.

Who we are? We are sisters in our late 40s traveling from opposite coasts of the US for a quick getaway. We stayed at Secrets Akumal from March 1-5, 2017. We had previously stayed in Mexico at Secrets Silversands in 2016 and Excellence Playa Mujeres in 2015. I personally have stayed also at these Mexican resorts with my family: Barcelo’ Maya Palace, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Azul Fives, among many, many others in the Caribbean. Suffice it to say, I have experienced a great deal hospitality at different Mexican and Caribbean resorts. First Impression. A classy, spot-on seamless reception with bell boys and champagne placed in my hand. Check-in took no time and I was wisked away to my room 9530. One thing to improve on would have been hors d’oeuvres on hand at check-in. The ride to the hotel is a robust 75 minutes, following a long flight and lots of time in customs. I had awoken at 4am to start my day and was exhausted. In fairness to them, there was indeed a bowl of apples and some cookies that I would not have eaten… ever. So, I waited till dinner.Rooms. This room was the farthest away from the beach, and yet we still had a deck with a partial ocean view as promised. The walk to the beach was altogether about 3 minutes. The room was well-addressed and spotless. The TV and its connectivity features were well beyond what I subscribe to at home. Internet worked seamlessly. Staff was available everywhere. Most staff spoke English well. Our room was missing a hair dryer, but with a little pressing, we got one in about 20 minutes. Grounds. Spectacular and immaculate. This resort is new. Not all the trees were mature, but there was plentiful shade, which is important to me. There are many trellises along the walkway to the beach, so it’s possible to stay under cover for most of the way. Room Service. We heard that the room service was impeccable, but we only used it to get some milk/cream to keep in our fridge for the amazing Nespresso machine in the room. Dining. Well first of all, we love the fact that reservations are not necessary, so you don’t feel like you have to rush to make crazy reservations at the beginning of your stay. We just showed up and were ushered to a table as available. This is amazing. This system just works so much better than resorts who have a pecking system for reservations - or otherwise you dine at the buffet. There is no dinner buffet, so no worries there. One thing we noticed is that 8pm is the prime time for dinner. So if you want no wait, try going at 7 or 7:30. There is a dress code, but it’s not strict. Just trade your Tevas or flip flops for nice sandals or shoes and put on a cute dress and you’ll be all set. Men should wear collared shirts and close-toed shoes or Sperrys would be fine. The food was excellent, especially at the Portofino (Italian) and French restaurants. The Japanese restaurant Hashimi was also excellent, especially if you did not require to sit at the Hibachi table which did require a reservation and was impossible to secure. All the food there was outstanding, except for the sushi, which was tough - seaweed wrap was inedible. Still, I would go back for everything else. The other restaurants, such as Oceana or Seaside were good enough --- not spectacular, but we were happy to dine outside and the service was, indeed, excellent. The staff really work their butts off. The breakfast buffet at Market Cafe is outstanding. Take time to browse all that they offer and you’ll be impressed. I personally love a custom omelette, smoked salmon and fresh fruit. But the options were way more expansive than that. Not sure if they had real maple syrup (I’m a Vermonter), but I know that there was a lot of variety and freshness offered there, plus indoor and outdoor seating available. Attentiveness was top-notch. If you are looking for gastronomical excellence, go to Azul Fives - they blew us away last year in 2016. But the resort is different - and it’s for families, not adults.The pools. There are three notable pools in succession from the beach back to our room 9530 in the back of the resort. The first pool has all the activities and action. Darts, Bingo, volleyball, beach activities all happen there. It was energetic, but not rowdy. There was good bar service by waiters all around. We found that the younger crowd was mostly part of schedule conventions to the area. The second pool was a little more chill, but definitely part of the active scene. There are a couple hot tubs nearby both of these pools. They were not particularly warm, however. The third pool is the ‘yoga’ pool. That’s my own definition because it is so chill and there is yoga/meditation music playing. Plenty of shade everywhere if you want it, and if not, just ask and they will clear up a space for you. Reserving chairs here is not a big issue because they will clear stuff away after a while or if you inquire. Hot Tubs. We tried one that was to the side of the two main pools. I liked the quiet environment, but it just wasn’t warm enough.Beach. For me and my sister, this is the place to chill. There are lots of palapas (shaded huts) available for shade. Sometimes, there were none and we had to wait until the staff cleared a spot for us and made a space available, which was very much appreciated. If you are part of the ‘Preferred Club” you can rent a bed underneath the shade for $50/day. Yes… $50/day extra. Kidding me? There were many empty beds there. Fugeddaboutid! Bar and food service on the beach is good and attentive. But one note on the tipping…. We thought this was an all-inclusive, but a staff member actually TOLD us that he was not well-compensated and relied on tips from customers. He was disappointed that those rented beds were not filled. I was dying in part for embarrassment. Really? Not compensated well? This was the most expensive resort we had ever visited. The beach is clean (thanks to tireless raking by the maintenance staff). The water is beautiful and the temperature is just right. There is a turtle sanctuary right in front of the resort. This is good and bad for different reasons. Good, because you can go snorkel right off the beach, bad because the government had imposed some restrictions to protect the area and therefore you could not snorkel unless you had brought your own equipment. No unmotorized sports. So, no sailing, no paddle boarding, no snorkeling equipment. Ummmm. I went snorkeling with my own stuff, but I saw just a squid and a sting ray. Other people saw turtles. I turned to a scuba excursion instead, and that turned out well. More later on. Scuba Diving. If extra curricular is your thing, there is A LOT to see nearby. The Tulum ruins are a must-see, as are a visit to the fresh water caves (snorkeling) called Cenotes. Be wary of the prices that the resort will quote you. This is a typical problem in Mexico. My Apple Vacations rep quoted a two-tank scuba excursion for $150 including the excursion, the equipment and the transfer from the hotel. ( I am open-water certified.). But, knowing better, I walked down the beach and found two other dive centers. I got a one-tank dive for $60 ($55 cash) and they waived the $15 equipment fee. I tipped the dive master $10, so got a really great experience for $65 altogether. Be savvy and ask around. The same situation happened in Playa del Carmen last August 2016. One price from the concierge and a much, much better price from a beach vendor, which turned out to be just great. Just ask all the questions about what’s included. They are motivated to fill their seats.Day Entertainment. The resort publishes a daily newsletter called the Sundial. In all fairness, it does indeed list all the goings-on at the resort, but we still missed so much of it. Entertainment happens all day all over the resort, from darts, to aqua-cycling, to trivia, to beach volleyball, to chess, to Spanish lessons and even wine tasting. They really cover it all. We miss so much of it because we did not take the time to decipher Evening Entertainment. It starts with singers/songwriters/rock musicians at the main lobby bar at around 7pm. We loved the talent offered here. There was seating, a pit fire, and even swing benches. Then the entertainment turned to the Theater around 8:30 or 9. We only caught the Beatles act one evening. Wow! It was a spectacular show with good music and excellent choreography featuring talented dancers/ athletes.Bars. There are many bars scattered all over the resort. I liked the fact that they were open so much of the day and night. At other resorts, many bars close early for the evening, leaving you to seek out a place for a pre-dinner drink. Here that was not the case. If you want a specific brand of spirit, just ask. Staff. Unrelentlessly accommodationg, no matter at what level. When housekeeping didn’t show fast enough with a hair dryer, I asked custodial, and WHAM!... it arrived. I always feel that the Mexican hospitality is second-to-none. I have been all over the Caribbean (USVI, BVI, T&C, PR, Cuba, Martinique, St. Lucia, DR, Colombia, Costa Rica and many more) and Mexico delivers genuine service like no one else. Hence, I have returned about 7 times, plus many trips to other states in Mexico (Sonora, DF, and Chiapas). Wine Tasting. Only go if you are serious. The resort sommelier (Alberto) was wicked serious about his trade. He would have talked with us for HOURS, if time allowed. Anyway, we learned a lot about wine, but only tasted two. There is a very, very impressive wine cellar and a wide array of sophisticated wine at this resort if that’s what you are into.Other Activities. There is coffee tasting and other fun activities at 4pm daily. I was sorry to have missed many of them because they were really interesting.Spa & Gymnasium. We excercised daily in the gym which was very well-appointed. Spa services were offered to us, but they were very pricey. We did not use the resort credit that we had been given upon check-in. It had restrictions on it, such as a 24 hr expiration, so we didn’t do it..Transfer. If you have never travelled to Cancun (CUN), please be aware that once you leave security (before you exit the building), you need to walk down an interior corridor that is lined with very friendly time-share staff. You have NOT exited the airport until you feel the hot air in your face. Inside the airport, you will be approached by very friendly, very well-spoken representatives of timeshare companies who will offer to help secure you a free ride to your destination. Nothing wrong with this gesture… except that you have likely already got transfer plans to get to your hotel! Once you exit the building (and feel the hot air on your face) you will see reps with signs leading you to the transfer kiosks/desks where you have a reservation to your hotel. The final word. Would we go back? Absolutely yes! However, the pricepoint is a consideration. This resort was amazing, but it was far and beyond the most expensive Mayan Riviera all-inclusive we have experienced. Now that we have been to 3 adult resorts, and 5 more as a family, I feel that I have a good perspective of what’s worth the money - or what may not be. Just a note… the Preferred Club here is definitely not worth the extra $. It secures you a room in buildings 1-4, concierge snack service, priority for bed palapas at an extra $50/day. Maybe there were other advantages, but our vacation did not feel slighted in any way for not having extra ‘perks’. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this resort.

  • melvielou : Congerville, Illinois
LEAVE your flippers at HOME

Let me start off by saying that this is a GREAT place to snorkel. However, recently the Mexican government has outlawed the use of flippers in this specific reef. The reason is to protect the reef. I am not a strong swimmer & did not have any problems.......they are NOT necessary. While snorkeling you are able to see damage the flippers & humans have caused the reef. We seen turtles every day as well as a barracuda & stingray. We also seen sea urchins, 3 different types of stingrays & many other colorful fish. Upon arrival we were greeted with a cool cloth that had lemongrass on it. It smelled amazing & was very refreshing. We were also given sparkling wine. Check in was pretty smooth. Our room was not ready which we did expect so, not a big deal. It had been a long day for us so we already had planned on going to lunch & relax while we waited. However, as soon as our check in was finished we were passed on to a very sweet girl who we were told would only take about a minute of our time as she only had a few questions for us. She took 10 mins or so & was actually trying to set us up with a time share meeting......though she doesn't come out & tell you that. We were extremely tired & hungry as we had already had about a 10 hour day. The grounds are beautiful. There are 3 large pools which are heated. They are never crowded. Plenty of lounge chairs, umbrellas & towels are always available. The quiet pool always has what I would call spa music playing. The beach is beautiful!! There were plenty of lounge chairs available at the pool also. Rafiel was wonderful! He remembered who we were & our chairs were always ready for us. The wait staff at the pool was good also. Some days they could have used one or two more wait staff but, for the most part we were taken care of. Room service was hit & miss. Some of the food we got was good & the next time it wasn't. One morning we ordered breakfast & they forgot mine. When we told the room service attendant he called & spoke to his manager the manager then asked to speak with me. I explained it was no big deal & told them what I had ordered. A few minutes after he left our phone rang, I believe it was the manager I had already talked to. I again explained what I had ordered. A few minutes later the phone rang again this time my husband answered he had to tell them for the third time what I had ordered. I finally did get my breakfast. The poached eggs were always over cooked. There is a "window" in the closet for room service. We ordered ice cream one night & they put the ice cream in the window & never let us know it was there. When they told us how long it would be for our order to get there they were usually right on time. The spaghetti is AMAZING. Not what we as American think of as spaghetti. It had a white sauce with bacon, ham & mushrooms. The steak was also AMAZING.....tender enough to cut with a butter knife! We went to the Italian for dinner restaurant one night. Though the food was ok the service was not. We waited for a very long time to even get water. Our waiter seemed to have too many tables. We heard others complain about the same thing. One table ordered dessert right after they got their main course. We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant one night......the service was great & the food was good. We ate at the Mexican restaurant one night & had a very nice waiter......the food again was ok. We ate lunch at Sea Side most days as we did not know about the buffet. The service & food at Sea Side was good......not great though. The crab tacos are AMAZING! With only 2 days left we somehow found out about the buffet which has a great variety of food! The buffet serves breakfast & lunch. Housekeeping done a great job! They made sure we had all the supplies & fresh towels we needed. The one bad thing was that they would take our glasses & then not replace them with clean ones. Though I think they missed cleaning our room one day. Turn down service was hit & miss. One evening we told them we didn't need the service only to come back to our room to find they had done it anyway. We didn't mind. My husband only told them no because he didn't feel like it was a necessity. Other times they wouldn't come at all. We enjoyed the TV which you could use to see all of the activities for the day as well as weather, & info about the restaurants. Overall we felt the place was beautiful but over priced. We had stayed at another place in Nov which we found to be much better. We chose Secrets this time due to the turtles. There were good & bad things at this resort but, this is not what I would expect for a 5 star resort. We both felt that there was a miss communication some where. It was hard to keep track of which restaurants were open & which were closed. Another downside we didn't like was all of the people who was selling things throughout the resort. There are plenty of activities everywhere. We didn't think the ocean view rooms were worth the extra money. Yes, you are right on the beach & the bottom floor has a swim out pool however, some of the swim outs face a pool. The bottom floor of the ocean view rooms are right on the beach but, there is foliage, people & the things used for shading the lounge chairs in front of those rooms.

  • Maureen S :
Most beautiful beach EVER!

My fiance and I stayed here for 7 nights back in July 2016. The longer it's been since our trip, the more we appreciate just how great this resort was. We were upgraded to the preferred club, and had a room with a view of the main view and a tiny sliver of ocean. The room itself was beautiful, and super clean.The food at this resort was great, especially at Portofino and Bordeaux (we ate at each of these twice). We've been to 5+ resorts in the Secrets chain, and this swim-up bar was BY FAR the best. The ocean view and the beautiful beach in front of the resort certainly didn't hurt. We did snorkeling to see the turtles and also did a kayak tour one morning.The gym is very well-equipped, if you are looking to exercise while on vacation (I run every day, so this is important to me). By far the best part of this resort is the entertainment team. We had been at the resort for less than an hour when a member of the team came over to our chairs at the pool and introduced himself. For the remainder of the trip, whenever he saw us he addressed us by name, which made us both feel like the staff valued our presence. Service throughout the resort was phenomenal, which we've come to enjoy the most about the Secrets chain.This resort is definitely comparable to Secrets Silversands.One negative - the lobby bar was really hot and humid. I understand that it was July, but there was no relief inside v outside (meaning, no nice cool a/c). We would have killed for some kind of breeze, or a bar closer to the beach that was open later.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Welcome cocktail and cool towel
  • Gourmet dining at eight on-site restaurants and a cafe, with at least one 24 hour restaurant
  • Free WiFi and international calling with Unlimited Connectivity
  • Full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day
  • 24-hour room and concierge services
  • Unlimited top-shelf spirits at six bars and lounges
  • Complimentary mini-bar refreshed daily
  • Day and nighttime activities and entertainment
  • Enjoy complimentary greens fees at nearby Riviera Maya Golf Club
  • Pool and beach wait service
  • Water sports
  • 434 luxurious guest suites
  • 6 a la carte restaurants featuring Mexican, Italian, Asian, French, Seafood and Grill
  • 1 buffet and 1 cafe
  • 6 bars
  • 3 pools including an infinity pool
  • Water sports
  • Secrets Spa by Pevonia with Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi and Hydro massage pool
  • Fitness centre and Yoga lessons
  • Wireless internet
  • Currency exchange
  • Business centre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Shopping galleria
  • Laundry services
  • Car rental
  • Travel agency
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Elevator in each building
  • Handicap accessible, non-smoking rooms
Junior Suite includes:
  • 1 king bed or 2 double beds
  • Furnished balcony or terrace
  • Bathroom with jacuzzi for 2
  • Air-conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Satellite television
  • DVD player
  • Telephone
  • Sofa
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini-bar
  • Coffee machine
  • Safety deposit box
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Occupancy: 2 or 3 adults (maximum occupancy of 3)
Preferred Club rooms:  Clients booking a Preferred Club room will enjoy personalized attention and luxury service. Preferred Club Level features are subject to change but may include: concierge service, access to the private Preferred Club Lounge, newspaper in room, pillow menu and preferred amenities.
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Sip, Savor & See - Guests of Secrets Akumal can visit all Secrets, Dreams, Now and Sunscape Resorts & Spas in the region. Enjoy dinner and live entertainment at neighboring resorts including sipping complimentary cocktails, savoring delicious cuisine at the restaurant of your choice and the opportunity to see that evening's entertainment. Good for dinner only from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., including bars and theater. Guests must make arrangements through the resort concierge by 3 p.m. Guests are responsible for cost of transportation to and from the resort. A maximum of 4 people are allowed per seating. Special restrictions may apply for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners and special events. 
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Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya
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Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

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