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Royal Suites Punta Mita

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Our Opinion

A small resort right next door to the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa. The Royal Suites Punta Mita is very intimate with only one restaurant, bar and pool. There is no buffet restaurant, but you can go next door and use all the facilities of the Grand Palladium. The decor is a step up from the Palladium and is completely immaculate. The rooms are much nicer, cleaner, and larger than the Palladium rooms. An excellent quiet getaway spot for couples.

The Royal Suites Punta de Mita is an exclusive section within the facilities of the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort. The concept of The Royal Suites is distinguished by its personalized service for adults only. Enjoy privacy, relaxation and tranquility in this luxurious resort.

Location: Beachfront in Riviera Nayarit, 60 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, 15 minutes from Bucerias and 40 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Tiffany N Rey V : Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States
Adult area is extra but I did not see the benifits!

The hotel was nice, but our room was located in a spot where the outside of our room smelled moldy or musty. We stayed on the adult side of the hotel, but really did not see any benefit to that. There was no hot tub in our pool and no swim up bar. There was another adult pool, but that hot tub was not working and again, no swim up bar. Ironically, there was a swim up bar in the Palladium side...where all of the kids are. One BIG thing is that most of the areas did not have hand rails on the steps. This is VERY important for older people and disabled people. The spa pools and Jacuzzis did not have rails either, so it deterred some older people from even getting in them. The food was okay, except in a couple of their restaurants. The room service was not very good at all. The service in the whole hotel was excellent. Everyone was very polite and eager to help you have a great time. My favorite place to go was the bar at the adult side, where the bartender was just fabulous. He made sure everyone had a great time and the drinks were FABULOUS. His name was Oscar I believe. Night bartender by the 4000 room area who worked nights. Another highlight was the two women who played violin and sang at the Viva Mexico restaurant. They serious added to the whole ambience of the night. The food was excellent there as well and the guacamole lady was awesome too! We were told that we would spend no longer than 1 hour and a half at the hotels pitch to buy a membership for their club, but they ran longer. The free gifts were not really worth that 2 hours of our time, in our opinion. The tequila tour they give you is okay but you spend most of your time at places where they try to get you to buy silver or expensive art pieces. The massages were awesome that we also got for attending their pitch, but I would not do it again just for the massages and that trip. Also, this place is not in a bad location, but if you want a long beautiful beach this is not the place for you. The adult side has a very tiny beach surrounded by rocks and seaweed piles up on that small beach in HUGE piles. The other beach to the main hotel is better, but still not very big. It is still beautiful, just not a clean beach. You also can not walk anywhere in this location. It is a taxi cab away from the actual town of Puerto Vallarta. You have to taxi to most excursions as well and the cab fare is NOT included in the excursion price in MOST cases. If I were to go again, I would definitely make sure that I was staying in the actual town of Puerto Vallarta. If it were not for the night bartender, the awesome drinks, and the Viva Mexico food with the beautiful music from the two ladies; we would have hated it. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on a nice resort in Puerto Vallarta, you will likely save some cab money because there are things in walking distance to do there. The maid did not clean our room every day and our air conditioner was out for a good part of our stay. Something should be said about the entertainment there, because it was very good. The acrobats were amazing. The one tip I could give them for their lip syncing and impersonating is that - learn what the song means. Some of the singers were singing words meant for a man to sing about a woman and I do not think they fully understood that. This was particularly true with the group that came to actually SING on 80's night. The girl sang "She was a fast machine she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen" It is a song about a guy basically thinking this woman is just so great in bed and just a sex object so it would not even be appropriate for a lesbian to sing really haha! They would look excited on very sad songs, happy on angry songs, etc. They were good, but could be better if they would just learn what the words mean. The crows was not into it, because they did not "feel" what they were singing. The Kiss impersonators should also familiarize themselves with the Kiss characters, because Gene is normally not the lead singer in most songs. The guy with the star on his eye, Paul, is the lead singer in all but a very small amount of songs. Gene is very tall and mean looking, Paul is more petite and very short....kind of feminine looking. As a Kiss fan, it was a bit insulting to see them represented poorly. It almost felt was if American music was being made fun of. But don't take me wrong, still entertaining and I very much appreciated the effort to entertain us. I do not think they meant it as making fun of our music, but like I said -- with a little more research into the words and band members of ANY genre of music...the show could be a lot better. I am sure this resort would be much better for families rather than couples, because all of the entertainment seems to be aimed toward families. I would have liked to have seen entertainment specifically for the adults only people.

  • zbayer90 : Cleveland, Ohio
Fabulous first vacation together

This was the first vacation my significant other and I have taken that was out of the country, and it was amazing! Our room was very spacious and I was very pleased with the complementary body wash/ hair product. They cleaned daily and gave us plenty of extra water when asked! We were on the bottom floor, and you could hear your neighbors and people outside (mostly partying) a little bit, but overall it was quiet when we were in the room. The rooms have an open air hallway which is very pleasant when you walk out of your room in the morning. We staying in the Royal Suites, which has a nice private bar, restaurant, snack shack and a two tiered infinity pool. We ate both breakfasts and a dinner at the restaurant and were very pleased with both. They offer plenty of fresh fruits, meats and cheeses as a "salad bar" section. The wait staff by the pool was absolutely incredible. Every one of them was beyond friendly, and took the time to get to know you. They were very quick with their service, and would even craft things up for you when you are indecisive. Armando, Francisco and Oliver were our main staff that continued getting to know us, but Carlos and Nacho were also a real pleasure. Miriam and Row would both come around each afternoon with different forms of entertainment, such as: Blackjack, Guess what's in the box, Aqua Aerobics and much more; they even did a little class on how to make the perfect margarita!There are great shows every night with a different theme, that I would highly recommend. I was skeptical at first, but was really impressed with the content and talent of the local co-workers that performed. From pop music lip syncs, to cultural awareness, there was really something for everyone to enjoy. While watching the shows, there was another incredible staff that was very upbeat and wanted to assure you were having a good time. Notably, Rusbel was by far our favorite member. He always had the biggest smile on his face, and would goof around with you non-stop. There was a bar tender, who's name I can't recall (Chencha?), was very personable and remembered my name for a the whole week after I told him just once. He also insisted on us trying a "boom boom" shot, which was a real show and delicious treat. The four main restaurants had incredible food. None of the menu's offered a large selection, but there was truly a great dish for any eater. The portions from each place were just about perfect. They left you not overly full, so you could enjoy the night, but you certainly didn't leave hungry. Portofino offers a great selection of Italian food; Bambu has great Asian cuisine (Chinese/Japanese hybrid) with phenomenal sushi; Ribs and More had a nice BBQ and steak selection; and Viva Mexico highlighted local cuisine and much much more! The ocean was also very nice, although a bit rough when we were there. The waves were probably between 3-6 ft at times, which made for excellent surf lessons (or watching the locals). The water was still swimmable, and they have plenty of boogie boards to play with. The only complaint would be there are some larger rocks in areas of the swimming section, which should be countered with water shoes (I got my foot a little cut up by the rock/waves).The rest of the staff, especially in the Royal Suites, was very helpful and friendly as well. Dalia and Yan made you feel right at home, and took time out of their day to make sure you had everything you needed and they were exceeding all expectations. I would definitely recommend this resort, and hope to go back and visit in the near future (or in two weeks as most of the staff joked)! Thanks to everyone who made the visit so special.

  • tahbaza : Winston-Salem, NC
Excellent service, layout and facilities ok

We had both hopes for our stay for the first time near Puerto Vallarta and perhaps that was our problem. We've stayed a couple of times at a luxury all-inclusive near Playa del Carmen in the same price range and were expecting a similar experience. The superlative of this place is their staff. Alfredo in archery, Roy at the lobby bar, Nazly at the Royal Service restaurant and several more interactions were all accommodating, professional and exemplary of genuinely considerate service. This is even more outstanding considering the all-inclusive aspect of the place. The rooms were large, clean and relatively quiet and the provided toiletries were nicer than my wife was expecting. It was odd that one day we had to explicitly ask for new towels and were given the explanation that fresh towels were not environmentally friendly by the chambermaid we spoke to in the hall. There are a variety of pools and they were not excessively crowded. One is a saltwater lagoon adjacent to the ocean. We sampled several of the restaurants. The Mediterranean/Italian place was better than average with nice semi- upscale but casual feel to the environment, the Viva Mexico Mexican was fantastic, Royal Service restaurant a little better than average, Bambu asian was nice ambience but small selection and average food and the buffet of good but average quality and selection. We went to the gym and to the spa. The gym had all the necessities, including more weights than one would probably expect. The spa had a secluded pool with several cascading fountains, hot jacuzzi, cold jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and massage. At this point you're probably wondering why I'm only granting 3 stars. The comprehensive offerings and great service would normally result in 4 or 5. The problems are in the quality of each of the provided amenities. On a scale of good-better-best the facilities felt like they were once of the better category and have aged gracefully into simply good. (I feel a bit guilty even saying that, but on vacation I do hope for the very best and we can be picky as a result.)Nearly all of the restaurants and entertainment are on the family side, a good long walk in most cases from an adults only room. The resort seems well suited to cater to families with children, but not our demographic. There is a sad "zoo" with a number of animals in cages / fences.The hotel prides itself on its awards for environmental sustainability. They even water the campus with grey water which can on occasion throw off a bad odor but we did not consider it prevalent or a nuisance. The hallways are dimly lit and mostly only with natural light probably to conserve energy. Overall everything was adequate or better, it seemed to be decent value for the area and the service was a pleasure, but we won't be back.

  • CandaceAndRyan : Calgary, AB
Relaxing Vacation and Excellent Service!

May 27 - June 3 TripRoyal Suites Punta de Mita is the adult side of the Grand Palladium Vallarta. If you have the opportunity to upgrade to this side, do it! You have access to all the pools and restaurants on the family side, but you have the option to retreat to the nicer, more private adult side whenever you please (with your own pool and restaurant).This was a great time of year to go.The resort didn't seem full, which was a nice break from the crowds. We didn't see a single mosquito, and it never rained once! We noticed a ton of locals staying at the resort, which we thought was a great sign.Check In & RoomCheck in was smooth and friendly. Yan helped us and was kind enough to help us book some of our dinner reservations and a spa treatment at that time. We were presented with delicious drinks while checking in, which was a nice touch. Yan also helped us throughout our trip which was much appreciated.Our room was in building 5, which is the better location (closer to pool and ocean). Even numbered rooms are best as they face the jungle (and partial ocean, depending on your room location / category) and are more peaceful. Odd numbered rooms face a service road which can get noisy due to service carts running along it at all hours. Maid service was excellent, they never missed a beat. The mini-bar service was great the first few days, then it was never refilled it again (even though we left a tip). No big deal, we just called the front desk for water bottle refills and they brought them right away. (Then they called later to make sure we got the water!) The room also has a pillow menu and 24 hour room service.Pools & BeachThe Royal Pool is by far the best, most relaxing pool. It is for Royal guests only. It was never busy, we never had a problem getting pool chairs. The view of the ocean from the pool cannot be beat. We met so many fun couples just hanging out in that pool all day. The service at the pool and pool bar was also fantastic- Armando (sp?) was amazing, he never stopped running around in the hot sun ensuring everyone had the drinks they needed, and refilled before we even asked. There is a great selection of snacks and appies at the pool bar too in case you don't want to change into dry clothes to go for lunch. Oscar manned the pool bar in the evenings and was amazing also.The adult pool on the Palladium side is really cool. It's the round infinity pool on the cliff you see in all the promotional photos. The view of the ocean is great from there, and this pool always seemed warmer than the others. It was also very windy, perhaps because it is lcoated at a higher elevation. The service there wasn't as good, we usually had to walk up to the bar to get drinks (not a huge deal). This is more of a party pool. The main pool is the family pool, and this is the one with the swim-up bar. We love swim-ups but never used this pool- it was always very crowded. The beach is not ideal for swimming due to high tide and rocks. Bring water socks! However the built in saltwater pool (basically the ocean) is perfect for swimming- it was always a bit warmer, but also often crowded with families. If you take a walk past the beach on the Royal side, you will find a secluded beach that you can enjoy with literally no one else around. There are also water sport activities included and a beach bar.RestaurantsI have a ton of allergies, and they were great with allergies here. Every restaurant asked if we had any allergies and made sure the meal accommodated that. Apparently at check-in, you should tell them you have allergies and they will give you an allergy card (I found this out on our last day, oops). There are a few buffet options, but with unlimited a-la-cartes, you will likely only need to visit them a couple times.El Bosque is the main buffet. It has pretty great breakfast selection (more options than the Punta de Mita restaurant, which is sit-down style for all meals.) It is a bit more crowded. They also have lunch and dinner with decent selection. We didn't eat as Las Terrazas either, but this is the lunch buffet / snack bar beside the main pool.Punta de Mita restaurant is for Royal guests only. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you don't need a reservation. We ate here most days for breakfast and were always seated with an ocean view. It is open air with a mesh net which is so refreshing-- enjoy your morning coffee while listening to the waves and enjoying the breeze. The service here was always top notch. You could eat here every meal for your whole trip if you wanted to and would never need to leave the adult side. You can also order lobster even though it is not on the menu! Yum.Viva Mexico restaurant was our favourite, We went there twice. The margaritas and traditional Mexican cuisine was delicious, plus you have a great view of the sunset and the surfers if you time it right (request a table with an ocean view!). They make you fresh guacamole table side, which tastes so delicious and fresh. We went back twice!Portofino is the Italian restaurant, near the main pool. Our dinner there was good. Portion sizes were small, so we actually went to the buffet after to fill up. Ribs & More was okay. Service was a bit slower and food was just ok. Bambu restaurant was excellent. Francisco was amazing and provided us top notch service from beginning to end. Due to my allergies, I have never tasted sushi. Well Francisco spoke to the sushi chef and had him make me special sushi to accommodate my allergies. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed it!Bars & EntertainmentThe house wines were decent, both red and white,As previously mentioned, the pool bar on the Royal side was awesome. You could enjoy a night swim and go for drinks well into the night (open till midnight or later), yet it was never loud enough to be heard from our room.The Sports bar is fun, they have traditional pub snacks that you can order and numerous TVs. Soccer was on all the screens, and we wanted to watch the hockey game, so they changed a screen for us, no problem. The service in here was great too. There is also a foosball table.The main bar was lively, there was something going on every night. It was right beside the stage, so you could watch the evening shows from there. There is also a night market numerous evenings. Tip- the trinkets are overpriced, even if you haggle. We went into town and found the same things for way less. Entertainment was pretty well done at this resort. Between the evening shows and the pool side entertainment, the staff works pretty hard to entertain their guests.ExcursionsWe booked Rhythms of the Night through the excursion desk in the main lobby. After some confusion (we had to go back 3 times to sort out our booking), we got it booked, and we're glad we did! Highly recommend this excursion. It's such an experience. The boat ride is amazing, and the crew were hilarious, entertaining us both ways with non stop drinks, Queen impersonations and Magic Mike shows! The island is decorated like tribal council on Survivor, and there are some cool effects that I won't spoil for you. The whole thing is really well organized. They have 400+ people there for the excursion but you never feel that way because it is so well done. The show is fabulous, not unlike Cirque du Soleil- some very talented people! The dinner is also awesome-- nothing compares to having an intimate dinner directly beside the ocean with nothing but torches and candles to light your table. (Avoid the white house wine, yuck).We asked the bellboy to help us book a cab into Sayulita, a hippy surf town 20 mins away, 420 pesos one way. The driver waited for us while we explored the town and then drove us back! You can take the bus for way less, but prepare to spend over an hour getting there. Sayulita is really cool place to visit- they have a variety of unique restaurants and shops.We also took a cab into Puerto Vallarta one day, which we negotiated for 500 pesos each way. PV was a cool experience, walking along the boardwalk and enjoying drinks and local food right on the beach. It reminded us of Waikiki. OverallAs other posters mentioned, you sometimes smell sewage throughout the resort, but not everywhere and not all the time, so we didn't let it ruin our time.The free Wifi was always pretty good, never had a problem with it. The spa is fabulous and relaxing, it's in a secluded area which makes it feel especially relaxing. We had a couple's massage scheduled for the beach, but it was moved to within the spa, which worked fine for us as the facilities are gorgeous. We later saw a couple having their massage by the pool / beach and it wasn't very private. Our massages were private and relaxing and they did a great job of working out the knots. (As soon as we walked out, they handed us a feedback questionnaire which was a bit awkward, but not a big deal.)There is also an animal sanctuary to rehabilitate animals with no where else to go, which is pretty cool!If you visit this resort, you will have a relaxing vacation and will be served by fabulous, hard-working staff.

  • Shirley W : Cornwall, United Kingdom
Great resort, relaxing and friendly

From the minute we arrived at the Royal Suites, we were treated like royalty! The staff were very welcoming. My partner had a surfboard so changing our 3rd floor room to a ground floor was hassle but they made sure it happened. Although we were in the adults only side we had full access to the rest of the Palladium resort. We ventured over each night for the entertaining shows put on by POP. (People of the Palladium) there were restaurants with different themes too which as Royal were allowed to reserve. We had already upgraded when we booked a few months previously but if you get chance to upgrade I strongly recommend it. The extra perks and service are so worth it! Our butlers, Elizabeth and Omar are fantastic.... nothing was too much trouble, it was my birthday, not only did they organise birthday cakes ...... my room was decorated with balloons, champagne, candles and the best bit was the jacuzzi bath filled with bubbles and petals! After cocktails on the deck was amazing! Thank you 👏We didn't venture out too often as it was great just to chill and be looked after. The beach right outside our section was not too good to sit on as rocky and covered in seaweed so we went next door briefly. Our pools more than made up for it. We met some great people from Canada, US and Brits, however the local staff at the hotel were just the best, so friendly and happy to help. Adriana is fantastic, fun and kept us fit with the Zumba classes..... in the water was much better! She was also responsible for the cocktail bartender competition and the dreaded Mezcal tasting! Not a good idea after a day at the Tequila tour! It was fun though! Great in the evening showtime shows too. Our pool and bar tenders were the best, I have a few to mention, Manny and Roy in the lobby bar, experimenting with new cocktails was fun! Pool, Marcelino, a gentleman, and Oliver, Francisco, Armando, Yesy, Carlos, Ramon and last night fire....Oscar.The food on the whole was very good and plentiful..... I think we tried just about everything but tried not to overindulge! (Not!). If eating in the Palladium buffet don't get there at 11.00 ish as most families were arriving at that time and had to queue. We saw this on our way back from gym each day.... which again as a Royal was complimentary as well as all spa facilities. We had a real chilled holiday and have never experienced such friendliness of ALL staff in the resort as we did here. We would both stay there again. Thank you.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3 meals daily including snacks
  • All drinks (International brands, Domestic beer, Premium International beverages in select bars)
  • Non-motorzied watersports: Catamaran, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Windsurfing
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Dance Lessons
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Aquaerobics
  • Table Tennis
  • Water polo
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 24-hour room service
  • 100 rooms
  • 7 restaurants, including 2 buffet
  • 9 bars
  • 4 pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa (fee)
  • Sauna
  • Fitness Center
  • Aerobics Area
  • Tennis courts (night tennis for a fee) 
  • Shops 
  • Conference facilities
  • Free WiFi access (rooms, lobby and pool area)
  • Concierge desk
  • Golf nearby (fee)
  • Horseback Riding nearby (fee)

Suites include:

  • 1 King or 2 Queen
  • Air Conditioned
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD Player
  • Internet Access (fee)
  • Coffee/ Tea Maker
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Hair Dryer
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Shower and hydromassage bathtub
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Bathrobes & Slippers
  • Bathroom Scale
  • Mini-bar (restocked daily)
  • Sitting area
  • Sofa Bed
  • Aromatherapy Menu
  • Pillow Menu
  • 24 hr room service
  •  Maximum occupancy 3

Honeymoon Bonus - Complimentary gift in room upon arrival, Free room upgrade (subject to availability), Late check-out if available. Request at time of booking. Valid a maximum of two months from date of marriage. Proof of marriage required upon check -in.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Royal Suites Punta Mita
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The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium
Carretera Punta de Mita Km. 11.5 Bahia de Banderas, Punta de Mita 63734 Mexico

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