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Playa Blanca Resort

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The Playa Blanca Resort is a striking oasis situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Panama's Pacific coast. Enveloped by lush surroundings, this impressive all inclusive hotel features 2 sparkling pools, 3 specialty restaurants, a snack bar, and several bars. Guests can experience an array of land and water sports such as tennis, aerobics and dance classes, kayaking, and more. Each of the stylish guestrooms and suites include a balcony offering breathtaking views of the gardens, pool, or ocean. Located 2 hours from the Panama City airport, visitors can enjoy the wonderful scenic views of the countryside and the Panama Canal en route to the Playa Blanca Resort hotel before settling in for a tropical beach retreat. 
Location: On the nicest beach on Panama's Pacific coast. Approximately 90 minutes from Panama City and 2 hours from the Panama airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Deborah T : Innisfil, Canada
Great family resort

My husband and I stayed at the Playa Blanca the week of September 8th. The resort itself is very nice, the food is amazing, the staff are top notch. My husband and I planned on doing some diving while there but found out that there is really only one site and it is about 40 feet deep during high tide. The water is very murky and full of sand really nothing to dive there.Some of our observations traveling as a couple without children. The pools were wonderful however the water in them is questionable and we were sure to never put our heads under water. This could be in part due to the number of guests at the hotel during our stay and the amount of sunscreen being applied. Also the washrooms are not conveniently located, however they are building a new washroom as we speak which should help out quite a bit. Our stay was pleasant but we do wish that there had been at least one area in the resort where children were not allowed. That is our fault for going to a family resort so I cannot negatively comment on this one. We love children, ours are older now, but my concern is the heavy drinking that occurs at the pool bar with children in their floaties observing the sometimes loud and drunken behaviour of adults on vacation. I do not feel that this is behaviour children should be exposed to and it would be nice to see that area free of children. There is a wonderful children's pool where there was lots of activity and laughter and children being children, and enjoying themselves with other children as it should be. There really is no area free of children which most resorts do offer so I was a little disappointed in this respect.The pool entertainment and sports crew kept everyone content, and as involved as they wanted to be. They love their jobs and it shows! The lifeguards are kept busy by watching children that parents loose track of. We witnessed a near drowning while there. The lifeguard, Jonell Duncan, jumped in to pull a child to safety after a child who could not swim was left unattended by his parents. I was across the pool and attempting to get there as no one else seemed to notice the distressed child, but before I could get there Jonell had jumped in and pulled the sputtering child out of the pool. After a few seconds the parent noticed Jonell pulling their child out of the pool and came over chuckling, like it was funny. I do not think the parent realized what Jonell did for them or their child, it was a close call and could have ended tragically if not for the attentive lifeguard in a very busy pool. My commendations go to Jonell, thank you young man you are a big asset to Playa Blanca!While at the hotel we booked an excursion through Sunwing to Penonome, a place we had visiting and enjoyed 14 years ago. Our guide was Omar who is informative, helpful and accommodating. We enjoying our morning with Omar very much and would highly recommend this tour. It is a small town where a lot of the locals live and shop. The town is charming, the locals are so friendly and the deals in the stores are amazing. No big shopping centre just an opportunity to see how the locals live and take in some of the flavour of Panama. My Husband and I booked a couples massage at the resort, it was well worth every cent and was a break away from the noise and hustle of the resort. Thank you Tara, I was very relaxed for that hour❤️Our favourite escape on the resort became the sports bar. Donny, Carlos, Eduardo and Hector made our visit special. They are always happy to see their guests and treat everyone like someone special. This is by far the best bar and the best bartenders. If you head over there you will feel like an old friend very quickly. Thank you guys for being awesome!Over all our stay was very good and the hotel is quick to accommodate any need you have. I seemed to have an allergy to their pillows, sneezing as soon as I laid my head down LOL. We went to the front desk and they were not sure they had any other pillows but they would check. By that evening I had a new pillow and that was the end of my sneezing. Housekeeping was great, not a single complaint or concern. Our room was always cleaned and well cared for.The food is amazing! We especially liked the Thai restaurant and ate there 3 times during our stay. The Italian restaurant was also very good, we ate there twice. Overall, the restaurants, the servers, the hosts all provide an exceptional experience for their guests and I would highly recommend this resort for anyone who enjoys their food, even the pickiest of eaters would be fine at this resort.Over all, for families I think this resort is an exceptional deal. For couples wanting a bit of a quieter vacation, not so much, but maybe someday the resort will set aside an adult only space and then it would be somewhere we would return to. We do not have a single complaint, only a concern about the young ones in the swim up pool bar and a lack of an adult only area. I stress that this is our personal thing, and should not deter anyone from going to this resort.

  • iamdonmasterson : Statesboro, Georgia
Relaxing and Engaging

Playa Blanca was a wonderful experience. Very relaxing and accommodating. The food was excellent too. Various cuisines and motifs made each meal a delight. There was no shortage of food either. There was always something somewhere and it was included in the price. The wet bar at one of the pools was quite a social gathering place for friends and family or just ordinary people with a desire to interact with other cultures. Beer, cocktails, soda; all included. The professionalism of the staff was refreshing and welcoming. The entertainment was quite a treat also. I spoke with Jehinner Solis Ruiz, the choreographer of the performances, about what a pleasure it was to watch the performances and witness the passion of each performer as they enterained the crowd. Many performances with various themes. There were shows for the kids, and they were highly interactive. Just after there were shows for the adults as well. Also interactive and all family oriented. The performers were all staff members who you could meet and engage with throughout their day as they also had other duties including handing out towels, hosting game activities, cleaning the pools, and even instructing water aerobics. It was just plain all around fun. For the money you just can't beat the experience. Now I'm not trying to compare Playa Blanca with any other resort. My point is that this is a great family vacation resort. If I had to say anything negative it would have to be that the sand on the beach there is so hot to walk on that I "highly" recommend some form of foot ware. And if you don't have something to sit on (they have plenty), bring a blanket. Highly recommend this resort! D.R. Masterson

  • Cynthia B : mascouche, Canada

Playa Blanca has managed to pass a fast one on many people. I being one of them .They had put an offer on “Oferta Simple” in Panama claiming various things, in which were NOT true.This was the offer “Valid for consecutive nights. Check in: 3pm. Check out: 12pm (the room key must be returned) Late check out: 3pm (access to the facilities without the use of a room). Includes breakfast, lunch (day of departure), dinner, snacks and drinks. The room type is a Deluxe room and has a king size bed or two double beds. OPTION 1: It is valid from Sunday to Thursday and includes gourmet experience + bottle of champagne and late check-out until 3pm. The reservation at the restaurant with menu à la carte is subject to availability.. Taxes included. Tips not included. Reservation required. The hotel will make every effort to find spaces for the use of all vouchers at the dates convenient to the customer. Free WiFi.”So Let me start off by their claim that the hotel will make an effort to find space, that is not true. When I spoke to Clarissa, and requested for Sunday she said she couldn’t help me, I then asked her, if it frees up can you call me ?  She said it wouldn’t free up.  The voucher aslo says “Gourmet Experience” when I asked Clarissa what gourmet experience was she said it was their restaurants had gone a new change and that they all have “ new “ menus . I proceeded to ask her how to pick our restaurant and she told me,  when I check in, I will be capable of having the choice ( the menus are NOT available online). Although we did have a reservation, we had to wait in line, in the sun for a total of about 10 -15 minutes, no one was offered water, yet the workers managed to see us all sweating, waiting for our turn. As it appears to be my turn, I give my reservation number and she proceeds to give me my keys, I ask her about the restaurant and she says that the Italian is booked. My husband and I were both confused and I proceeded to ask what happened to the choices we get? She had told me that I have to come in the morning to chose, so Clarissa took my choices away and chose for us. We go to our room, and the room was still wet, from just being cleaned. We decided to upgrade ( do so, as it costs only 25 per day , well worth it because the bed is comfier on the other side, and you get access to the big pool) . As the day went on, we checked in at Towncenter, which was a lot better. Please be reminded that I paid 164$ for a deluxe room, a “gourmet experience” and a bottle of champagne. When checking on the website the deluxe room is $138.00 . The town center is $158.00.  So instead of my husband and I arguing with the ladies, as they mentioned they couldn’t change the reservations because they were “bien lleno” meaning very full, we proceeded to accept, although Italian was not our choice. We get to our reservation , and we receive a normal menu, we are seating in the restaurant with one other couple, pretty full right? We did not like our food, the only good part was the garlic bread they had. The plates were dirty and all their utensils. had to be wiped down before being capable of using. The pasta sauce in which was used for the gnocci in which we ordered was from a can, or at least tasted like it. The Tiramisu tasted as if it was just defrosted, it tasted like water . The pizza was not that bad , but considering that we get sick easily with the cheese we couldn’t even enjoy it. We proceeded to leave and try and look at the other “full restaurants. All the restaurants were barley full, the one place we wanted to go to, the sushi , we sat down, and were told that we do not have a reservation and cannot go. She explained to us that the chefs prepare the food in  the morning based  on the reservations, but that is not possible because you do not know how many “rolls” a person will order, nor what roll, so I found that quite amusing as an excuse, especially figuring we did not get to pick our own “ Gourmet Experience” thanks to Clarissa.  Another tip, if you do decide to venture out here, bring mosquito repellent as it is horrible walking around( even during the day ) , we went to go play tennis and the whole tennis field was infested with mosquitos due to the bushes surrounding it. When we entered the town center new room we got, the walls in the bathroom were still wet, although considering how humid it is, it is understandable. However, for any American Football lovers, there is no channel for that available in the bedroom, however, in the Sportsbar channel 48 does have it. They have few channels and those channels are mainly in Spanish. My overall experience, I shouldn’t have bought something for Playa blanca that claimed the value was $328 as it was just a method for selling. For that price, I would have gone to the Decameron, I do not think I will be back here, although the bartender on the Towncenter side is very friendly and makes great drinks , it is just not worth the hassle again, especially since I paid for a “Gourmet Experience” and did not receive it, and none of the restaurants were full either, so it just proves they do not seem to care about the customers. I would suggest looking at Decameron, their prices are quite similar and the Decameron is better service.The people here at playa blanca barley speak English, when trying to be served, so be warned for those who do not speak Spanish. Also I am sure the manager or “guest experience manager Nayeni Lopez “ Will say the same generic message about how they are going to help improve playa blanca and that they do hope to see us again, but that will not happen, even on the bad comments, they reply the same generic message, this just goes to show, these people do NOT care about their customers. PLEASE BE WARNED, LOOK AT THE CUSTOMER SERIVCE, OR MANAGER COMMENTS TO THE PEOPLE, THEY DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO READ. “ Thank you for choosing Playa Blanca Beach & Resort for taking the time to share your recent stay with us. We kindly appreciate you are taking your valuable time to share with us your experience. We will be looking forward to welcoming you back to our hotel, it will be amazing to host you! Or “we like to tell you we take very seriously all the views that we receive from our customers. Know that we have reported their suggestions to relevant departments to make them people who make appropriate assessments and then changes, if needed. GUYS THIS SHOWS, THESE GENERIC MESSAGES SHOW THAT THE MANAGERS DO NOT CARE, LOOK HOW MANY PREVIOUS BAD COMMENTS HAVE BEEN POSTED. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THE PHOTOS SHOW EMPTY RESTAURANTS AND DIRTY PLATES

  • Pavlína S : Prague, Czech Republic
Great vacation resort

ACCOMMODATION: We stayed at very nice and spacious room near the beach. It was clean and well equipped. Very nice was view of sunriseBEACH AND POOL: Beach was ok and almost all the time only several people there. You can go for a nice long walks along the beach to discover the village, local bar & restaurant or busy beach of Royal Decameron hotel. There is also good offer of water sports. Main swimming pool is good if you like bar in the pool and loud music. Second pool is more quiet and suitable for children. It is worthy to go to the large salty pool close to the residential part, even it is paid extra. It is very nice pool and there is also good a la carte restaurant, bar and water sports, so you can enjoy all day there. FOOD: Food in the main restaurant was tasty, there was every day variety of quality meals. We did not try a la carte restuarant on the beach, but it seemed also good. ENTERTAINMENT: Bars offer good strong coctails and you can enjoy interesting programme every evening in amphitheatre. Then you can go to dance in the rhythm of modern Latino music in the beach bar every night.We had a great holiday and surely will choose this hotel again when going back to Panama.

  • deydiarauz : Panama City, Panama
No No and No... think twice before booking this hotel

The place was completely disappointing, rooms needs maintenance as soon as possible, restaurant always full with low quality, we even had to announce that the plates were all dirty when we went for lunch. We tried to go to the big swimming pool, a guy told us we needed to walk over a kilometer to get to the restaurant in a very rude way, the receptionist was also rude and they did not have the type of room we booked. NOT recommended at ALL.

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  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Seafood grill lunch and dinner
  • A la carte dining
  • Unlimited local drinks (house wine included)
  • Admission to the disco
  • Pedal boat
  • Kayaking
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Gym
  • Aerobics
  • Mini-golf
  • Games
  • Daily activities program
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 219 spacious rooms
  • 2 a la carte restaurants (Seafood Grill and Mexican)
  • Snack bar
  • Sushi bar/Japanese restaurant (fee)
  • Bars
  • Pools
  • Whirlpools
  • Beach disco
  • Theatre
  • Meeting facilities (fee)
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  • Wireless internet (fee)
  • Massage (fee)
  • Horseback riding nearby (fee)
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  • Banana boat (fee)
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Hotel Room includes:
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  • Air-conditioning
  • Bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • TV
  • In-room safe
  • Iron
  • Maximum occupancy 3 adults (or 2 adults and 2 children)
Kids Deal - Two children under 7 stay and eat free.

For the Kids - Children's activities and Mini-show.
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Hotel Playa Blanca Beach Resort
115 Km Via Interamericana, Farallon, Rio Hato 8437 Panama

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

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