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Our Opinion of Zurich

A pristine city on the edge of the River Limmat, it is the largest city in Switzerland.  But the city still retains its charm. The Old Town is a large portion of the city's centre with wonderfully restored historic buildings and narrow, hilly alleys for wandering. This idyllic location blessed with the snow-clad peaks of the Alps that overlook the waters of the lake and the shores.

Things to know about Zurich, Switzerland Vacations

Dining & Nightlife
The nightlife in Zurich is not as frantic as some places in Europe. It could be described as a little conservative. But places do still open until 3am and most of them can be found in Old Town.

Restaurants in Zurich serve both international and Swiss specialties. Some of the local favorites are rostis, grated fried potatoes. Kutteln nach Zürcherart is tripe with mushrooms, white wine, and caraway seed.  Another classic dish is Leberspiesschen which is cubed liver skewered with bacon and sage and served with potatoes and beans.

There is also a healthy choice of chocolate shops vying for the title of the best chocolate truffle in Zurich. This is worth an effort to sample as many as possible.

Reputedly the most expensive shopping street in the world, Bahnhofstrasse is dominated by expensive jewelry boutiques and large department stores. If you are looking for modest shopping try starting at the start of the street at Bahnhofplatz.

If you are looking for some unique gifts from Zurich, some pieces to look for would be some  fine chocolates, Swiss Army knives, watches, embroidery, linen, Swiss wooden folk toys and handmade clocks.

Flying time from:
Approximately 8 hrs.
Montreal: Approximately 8 hrs.
Calgary: Approximately 13 hrs.
Vancouver: Approximately 14 hrs.
Languages: Swiss German although English is widely spoken.
Currency: Swiss Franc although Euros are accepted but there is no obligation to accept it.
Climate: The climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity.
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz; round three-pin plugs are standard.

A passport is mandatory for Canadian Citizens, although no visa is required. For other countries, please check the Switzerland Tourist Board to get a complete list and other details.

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Zurich Tourist Board website -

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