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Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos is a private island, wrapped in sweeps of sand and peaceful seas featuring the region's best spa and haute cuisine. It combines nature - 1000 unspoilt acres, including a mile-long powdered beach - with understated style and exceptional service.
Location: 35 minute boat ride from main island of Providenciales.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • THECURCIOS : Oak Beach, New York

To start off this is an American Express fine property so you have certain expectations. The hotel dock is a 20 minute ride from the airport and then another 25-30 minute boat ride to the resort and then another 15 minute ride on a golf car(very bumpy) try not to sit facing backwards to the resort. Check in seamless but as others have said there is no room upgrade. You either get a garden view or ocean view. The ocean is a walk albeit a nice walk. I would have given 5 stars but the price of this hotel is a bit much. I realize it is an island and everything has to be sent by boat but 2 martinis and 2 glassesof wine $130.00 is a tough one to swallow. The rooms are nice but the floors a bit dirty but they do supply flip flops. The garden and ocean view rooms do look a little like a motel building. They do not promote any kind of activity ie fishing or boat trips. No map of the resort given. Whom ever designed the tv layout I figure doesnt watch tv. The four poster bed has the post right in front of the tv so you are blocked. The staff and the food are outstanding. I just left feeling that if the price was lower I would have not been disappointed. The water and beach lovely. They do change the menu as there are only 2 places to eat. The buffett with a bottle of wine 350.00. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money.

  • Christina G : Thousand Islands New York, New York
Heaven On Earth

We love Parrot Cay, not just because it is beautiful private island with a divine white beach and the bluest water you have ever seen, and not just because the rooms are luminous and comfortable and not just because the pool area is so peaceful, quiet, and low-key and not just because the food is so fresh, high quality, healthy and exquisitely presented and not just because the Como Spa is incredibly beautiful, so quiet, so zen, and have treatments like I have never experienced anywhere in the world--THE biggest reason we love Parrot Cay and the reason we have gone 6 years in a row and we are booked for our 7th year is because of the warm and attentive staff that work there. They are the heart and soul of what makes this paradise. They truly care about your wellbeing and are always smiling, hugging our daughters, doing special things for them and always anticipating your needs. They make you feel like you are the only family there and will do anything to make your stay a memorable and peaceful one. We have stayed at so many luxury hotels but they fall flat in our eyes because they don't have the staff that Parrot Cay has. A beautifully run hotel, (thanks to Jordi Valles and Dan Hirsch) that gives you so much peace and positivity that you leave so relaxed, so rejuvenated, literally like a new person every single time. Thank you Rubi, Shirley, Kizzy, Dominic, Lisa, Udom, Lokita, Champnap, Sheryl, Sherika, Keisha, Gustu, Pande, Adi, Konkea, Jill, Megawati, Anna leyla, Luvna, Siki at the Spa, Restu, Ceres, Tony, Sinola at the pool, Adid and all the amazing chefs, caring Dr Donald, and Agnes, Sunisa and Anne who may have gone home but are still in our hearts. Sorry if my memory has forgotten anyone, but we appreciate you all so much and can't wait to see you in the spring!

  • jenmholland : New Canaan, Connecticut
Utopia Found!

I feel compelled to write a heartfelt addendum to my original review, “Perfection!” posted on March 20, 2017. After our unforgettable stay at Parrot Cay, it was not difficult for us to decide to return later that same year to celebrate my husband’s birthday. While we didn’t think there was any way for this trip to top our last, it DID! This time we had the privilege of staying in a Two-Bedroom Beach House. This accommodation truly took our experience to the next level— it was nothing short of a week in dreamy, magical utopia. The house itself was impressive— decorated in Parrot Cay’s signature, all white, barefoot-luxury sensibility— with bedrooms, living space and kitchen laid out perfectly for child-friendly traveling. Each bedroom had it’s own generous closet, bathroom, deep soaking tub and outdoor shower— bringing the spa’s zen aesthetic into our daily routine. The large open floorpan of the living and dining areas were lovely as well, particularly enjoyed in the morning hours with a cup of coffee in hand. The light poured into a full wall of glass sliding doors, looking out to unobstructed views of the beach and ocean— the kids would sweetly play and enjoy breakfast in their pjs. We could throw on bathing suits and open our sliding doors, playing our favorite music and sipping shambhala fresh pressed juices, onto our private sundeck and into our private pool. Steps from the pool was the beach and ocean beckoning. There was an ease and relaxed flow to our dreamy days that this house uniquely facilitated— allowing us to float from our room to the pool, beach, naps, meals, cocktails etc. all within the confines of our own personal oasis… nearly always in beach loungewear and never in shoes. Every day had it’s own adventure, all with our room in sight, whether hunting for sand dollars, doing yoga and meditating by our pool or stargazing at night… truly unparalleled, casual, high-end relaxation and luxury. Important to note is that this room included a personalized butler service— and while he certainly assisted us with the mundane throughout our stay, helping us plan our activities etc., Widi did SO MUCH more! He single-handedly and unassumingly orchestrated the easy, breezy, idealistic bliss of our vacation. In all honesty, it’s difficult to put into words how lovely, perceptive and kind he was to both us and our children. He anticipated our every want and need before we even conceived of it. He unpacked our bags, got to know our food preferences, served our meals, stocked our fridge with favorites, encouraged our kids to eat their vegetables, made reservations, set up beach toys, babysat, hunted down a lost cell phone, helped us to take care of our pet hermit crab found on the beach, lit essential oils in our house every day so we drifted around in heavenly scents... the list is endless. And he did all of this while respecting our privacy—allowing us to enjoy the scene that he so gracefully set in our own way. When the hurricanes hit the island at the end of last year, we worried about our beloved Parrot Cay and it’s wonderful staff as we would a family member. There’s Restu who works on the beach/water sports who remembers us each and every year— since before we had kids— and took our 6 year old on a catamaran ride that he still talks about today. And Lokita, whose bright warm smile and friendly demeanor charmed our usually clingy two year old in minutes. And James, who has impeccably taken the restaurants to new levels and is so lovely to talk to… just to name a few. We are beyond excited to hear that Parrot Cay has reopened! Sign us up again and again and again! We can’t wait to get our next trip on the calendar and add to our unforgettable collection of lifelong Parrot Cay memories.

  • CeCe1031 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Paradise. An unforgettable home away from home.

Oh, Parrot Cay. You get me every time. The stunning hotel is award-winning top of the line understated luxury. I am at a loss of words to describe it and the feelings it conjures up as I anticipate our trip back there in less than two weeks for our mid-January trip. My Mom and I started going to this hotel seven years ago, first on a whim for three nights because it just seemed like everything we were looking for, even though we knew it was out of our price range. The place, the people, the food, the views, the is why we have returned every year since and it's something we save up for and look forward to all year. We are staying 7 nights this year. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to write a review. The property has undergone a facelift during this past Autumn, so I can't wait to see the subtle upgrades that await us. You are picked up at the airport and taken to a dock at the opposite end of Providenciales where you are whisked away on a boat for a beautiful 25-minute ride to Parrot Cay itself. When you are greeted, you realize you have arrived somewhere very special. You are taken to the lobby on a little ride on a golf cart and if you are lucky you are greeted by the most hospitable and pleasant of faces, Shirley Williams, Assistant Manager of the hotel. She makes you feel at home immediately. While you are enjoying the expansive frame-worthy views with a rum punch, you are given a quick orientation and then off to your room to get your vacation started! All of the staff here greet you with a smile, and nothing is ever too much trouble or impossible. The warm smiles and kindness of each staff member really stands out and in my mind, is what really makes this place over the top special. I never heard the word "NO" here. Service is unmatched to anywhere I have traveled...quite exceptional. The island and hotel are serene, quiet places, with a focus on relaxation, peace, wellness and unwinding. There is beauty to take in everywhere you turn and in every detail. If you are a type that needs to go exploring every day and be occupied by beach games and lots of nightlife, partying, noise and sightseeing, this is not be the place for you. Having said that, for those looking for a low-key place to take it easy, there is PLENTY to do. They offer daily yoga, meditation and Pilates classes. They do offer excursions like diving and snorkeling for a fee through a third party. There is a tennis court, fitness room, walking trail, bikes to ride up and down the island path, the SPA, afternoon tea, pool table, library, non-motorized water SUP, Hobie Cats, kayaks. Almost too much for me to do! There is snorkeling gear but the reef is quite a ways out so I'm not too sure how much there is to see. Speaking of the beach...THE BEACH: It is probably the most beautiful beach I've stood on. Crystal clear turquoise waters so shallow and calm that you can wade out for quite a ways and just float all your cares away. Truly breathtaking. You can take walks up an down the shore and never really run into that many other guests. Chairs and umbrellas are offered and you are never sitting too close to your neighbors. You can order your lunch and drinks and enjoy them on the beach. I travel with my 81-year old mother who as active as she is has a hard time walking on the sand and sitting on low lounge chairs and we'll always be grateful for how lucky we are to have Restu take care of ensuring her comfort on the beach. Restu, along with so many countless others, are some of the most hospitable and kind people you will meet. They are away from their families much of the year many thousands of miles away to ensure you never go without during your stay.THE POOL: The infinity pool always feels refreshing and looks out over the ocean. You just wade right in as it gradually gets deeper. You are offered lounge chairs, towels and umbrellas. We tend to start our day by the pool and move to the beach at lunchtime to enjoy a lazy afternoon. The circular bar by the pool has been shut down in favor of the new, gorgeous Beach Club bar just steps away from the pool. There is more seating at this new 4-sided bar with views of the ocean. The drinks are delicious, with many tropical-themed options and their wine list is extensive. They even offer coconut water out of a fresh coconut.CUISINE: The food is some of the freshest, authentic, flavorful and beautiful I've ever tasted, expertly done by international chefs. It's the kind of food I dream about. The LOTUS Restaurant is located pool side and their emphasis is on Asian cuisine. I feel at times like I am transported to Southeast Asia when I eat there under the stars every night. They had a new chef last year (sadly, I have forgotten her name) and during our stay, she rolled out the inaugural weekly Night Market on Thursdays, which has different stations of noodles, dumplings, curries, sushi..much of what you would expect in a traditional Asian night market. Every Saturday is the island BBQ night with live local music. A great time! Lokita and Surya and many others we have gotten to know over the years make eating at LOTUS even that much more enjoyable. Breakfast is served every morning at the TERRACE and it is DECADENT. You can eat from the gorgeous buffet that is not your typical breakfast buffet...fresh health juices, lox, cheeses, fruits, toasts, mini quiches, freshly baked pastries and breads. Too gorgeous to eat I think? You can also order off the menu. I should also mention that the Shambhala Menu is available at every meal and features clean cuisine like raw foods, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low calorie for the more health conscious. The food on that menu is also OUT OF THIS WORLD. Try the vegan caesar salad, one of my favorites! In addition, you can tell the chef at either restaurant if you have food allergies or dietary preferences, and they will work with you like providing substitutions to a particular dish. They have a beautiful new cookbook out so you can replicate some of these dishes at home!!! Tuesday night is Mediterranean Night up at the Terrace restaurant, where breakfast is served. Yes, this place is not for the budget-minded. And the food is priced higher than you would usually see back in the States. Please keep in mind that most of the food and beverages must be shipped from the US. That is reflected in the cost on your bill. You'll see that in Grace Bay as well. But in my mind, it is completely worth it because I'm on vacation. A fee for service and tax in the amount of 22% is added to your dining bill. You can add an additional tip if you wish. I've never been sure what the etiquette is for that additional tip. We always try to leave an additional 10%, but perhaps were are doing it wrong.I would say that there are more couples here than not, but I have seen families with children here as well, girlfriend getaways, solo travelers, and other mother/daughter duos. It's a place for everyone. And everyone is treated the same. You are made to feel like a queen/king.HOSPITALITY: Have I mentioned how pleasant, kind, and genuinely happy the staff are to help you? They want to be sure you are happy and that everything is seamless. The service is never intrusive and on the flip side, you never are left wondering when your meal, coffee or extra luggage rack, for example, will arrive. These lovely people have become familiar, welcome faces to us as we return year after year, like family you only see once a year. We will miss Ardi, the bartender at LOTUS, who I believe returned home to Bali this year after many years working at Parrot Cay to be with his family. He was the first to make us feel at home. There are so many others. Talk to them, get to know them. As always, thanks to Cynthia, our housekeeper!COMO SHAMBHALA SPA: It's really unlike any other spa. Overlooking the lagoon, you immediately feel any tension roll off as you await your appointment lounging on the verandah with your ginger tea (you MUST try the ginger tea). I've had a reiki session or two, but what I really look forward to is the Indian Head and Neck Massage by Buapan. It's fantastic. They have an extensive spa menu to select from. The toiletries are branded by Como Shambhala in a scent that is a blend of many essential oils that smells like paradise. The are complementary in your room and you can also purchase them in the spa shop or lobby gift shop. You'll want to savor them when you get back home...and when you do, you are immediately transported back to your time spent on Parrot Cay.YOGA: As you walk into the yoga pavilion, your immediate view out of a wall of sliding glass doors is the beautiful lagoon. I can't comment too much on the yoga as the past 2 years they have not had a dedicated yoga teacher. The guided meditations are highly recommended. They do offer a morning yoga practice on the beach once weekly if the tide is not too high and if the bugs are not too bad.ROOMS: We usually stay in the garden twin rooms. For me, why spend the extra money on a suite, beach house or villa when you are only going to be in the room to sleep and shower? Unless it's for your honeymoon or money is not a problem...then by all means, splurge. The decor is an understated simple luxury with a natural, Balinese style. There are no gaudy, flashy details. The lines are simple and clean. The garden rooms have a daybed on the balcony for some quiet time to read, meditate or take in the sunset with a cocktail. It is quiet at this hotel and some of the walls can be thin. Sometimes I have overheard things in the adjacent rooms that I wish I hadn't. Check out their website to see the facelifts/upgrades that the rooms have undergone. I believe the rooms now have glass-enclosed showers and the tile floors have been replaced by wood floors. Some of the seating in the rooms, like the daybeds, also look new. I can't wait to see!A few tips: There are sand flies, and their presence fluctuates based on the lunar cycle. I have been bitten up by them before and they always leave my mom alone. I am always prone to things like mosquito bites to begin with, though. They love me. Definitely be liberal with your bug spray on the beach and if you are dining outdoors at the restaurants. If you are a STARGAZER, the stars are super bright due to lack of light pollution and even more so if there is a new moon. Take time during or after dinner to take a look up. Seeing the setting crescent moon is spectacular. Maybe even bring your tripod if you can! Please note that there are a lot of steps at this resort as it is set up on a hillside, which only adds to its charm. Those with mobility issues may want to be aware in advance of this, but please note the staff would be more than happy to arrange a buggy ride back to your room after dinner, as they have in the past for my mother who has a hard time with lots of stairs and hills. Also just take your time up those steps and enjoy all the luscious foliage guiding your way. Always take your time there to take everything in. You'll notice how you'll want to disconnect from your phone, computer and other hassles of everyday life and your other underserved senses will start to kick in.We always travel here after Christmas in January or early February and it never feels crowded. There are always plenty of chairs by the pool. One of my favorite walks is that quiet serene stroll on the way to the spa along the fine pebbled road..with greenery and flowers and birds all around you. I also enjoy walking down the main hotel steps that lead you towards the beach, along that rock-lined path, where on either side of you, orchids are growing on the trees. I do hope that Hurricane Irma spared the beautiful things that thrive here.Just two more weeks and we will be back home in paradise.

  • Jennifer P :

Beautiful resort. Food is great and fresh! Best massage and manicure I ever had! I would not bring kids/teens to this resort, it would be boring. Unless you did excursions in which there are plenty to choose from.

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