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Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

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Your Las Vegas adventure starts at this entertaining property, Circus Circus features the world's largest permanent circus including free circus acts, trapeze artists, clowns, acrobats and jugglers performing around-the-clock. The Adventuredome, America's largest indoor theme park, and the world famous carnival Midway, constantly keeps visitors of all ages delightfully amused.
Location: North Strip, across from the Riviera.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Sonny X :
excellent place

recommend place to spend time with family and friends. checking time fast, reasonable price . rooms clean, quite, and door in between rooms if you have two rooms with family. Lots of choices of shopping and restaurants. slot machines can't win anything but you not supposed to win. Parking lot is available no problem, planty.

  • tricksmom : Maine

This was my first trip to Las Vegas, so I may not understand all the ins and outs, but when I book a hotel room that specifically requests two queen beds, I probably have a reason for the request. My 20 year old son and I were traveling for combined business/pleasure and sharing an "upgrade" to the Casino Tower with one king bed was not acceptable. We had been up and traveling since 4:30 a.m. and by the time we arrived it was 1:30 a.m. the next day our time. We were exhausted and had to wait for a roll-away bed to be delivered (the promised extra pillows and towels never arrived.) We were assured that we would be given a two queen room the following day still in the upgraded Casino Tower (which I didn't care about - but if you have to move, it's nice to stay in the same area.) I had to go to the desk and request the move and the man behind the desk was extremely nice and made it happen, but as far as I can tell, there were no notes on our record and no one would have come to us to deliver on the promise.I was told that if you want to make sure you get the room you reserve when you are arriving late at night, you should call in advance and make sure to have the room blocked. I thought that was what a reservation was for (with deposit no less.)The rooms are only so-so. No amenities - no microwave, refrigerator or coffee maker. Towels and pillows are adequate. And this is in the highly touted Casino Tower. Lighting is terrible, few outlets for charging our various devices, and about ten channels on the television. Clean enough, but older furnishings and bathroom fixtures. We stayed here thinking that my 20 year old would have something to do at the Adventuredome as he is 10 months shy of being old enough to drink or gamble. He enjoyed the rides, but felt it wasn't enough to justify the price he paid for a couple of hours. He was pretty bored overall and I definitely don't recommend this hotel, or Las Vegas at all for young adults 18-20.Don't stay here if you don't enjoy overtired kids, crying and whining, or running out of control because their parents have them up until midnight. I almost tripped over a few.Food was horrible. We tried almost all but the steak house (prices were beyond our expense account) and were extremely disappointed. The Krispy Kreme had a very limited supply of donuts and when I asked for artificial sweetener, the girl looked at me like I had two heads. I had coffee and a croissant at the Westside Deli one morning - the croissant tasted like it had been in the freezer for 6 months. Awful.We also ate at Vince Neils for breakfast and one late lunch/dinner. My son's pancakes tasted like fish and my biscuits and gravy were tasteless. I had the ribs for the late lunch and my son had the small steak. Both were acceptable, but no choice in potato or vegetable - French fries only and I got coleslaw while my son got a mix of soggy zucchini and summer squash. Service was terrible both times despite there being fewer than six tables filled. Pizzeria was good - fast service, but you get the thin crust pizza unless you specify differently which wasn't readily apparent by the menu. For us, the buffet was overpriced for the amount we can eat ($17.00 for breakfast/brunch?!) so we avoided it.Drinks are supposedly complementary on the floor of the casino, but if you are playing on the outskirts, prepare to go to the bar for a drink (and pay for it.) I actually had a waitress start to approach me and for some reason decided I wasn't worth the effort and quickly turned around and approached someone else. I'm a good tipper and would have stayed at the machine longer if she'd offered me a drink. I guess even cocktail waitresses "profile" and a 50ish woman doesn't rate.I really thought this hotel would be much better than it was - I wasn't expecting luxury for the price, but still felt the overall experience fell far short of the promise of the website.

  • Sara K :
Easy place to rest our heads

With a tour group, this was the hotel booked as part of the tour. Given the tour was quite cheap, I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out my disappointment as for the tour, not for the accommodation. Beds were comfortable, hallways were quiet (or noise did not penetrate the room if there was any). No mini bar or even a fridge, but I am not a drinker, just would have liked somewhere to keep cold water. Our time was fully booked during our stay, so we had no need for a TV (who goes to Vegas to watch TV anyway?!?!?!) so I can't comment on that. The hotel is very large, with several different hotels connected, so it takes a fair walk to get through the whole thing. Also, it is located at the northern end of the strip away from the life of Vegas, so be prepared to walk/bus/taxi or uber. We walked and it was pleasant. We didn't get a chance to visit the theme park Adventure Dome, but it looked like fun.

  • jaime s : Atlanta, Georgia
Excellent Again…!!! Wonderful Again!! I had a GREAT time Again!! I'll stay here Again!

Well I can also say how much (again) I enjoyed my stay here at this hotel!! I stayed in the West Tower as I always do and once again had my expectations ((exceeded)) and met!! My check in was easy…my room is easy to get to and from with elevators and service staff always willing to help and assist any time that I needed! There's a point and reason why I continue to stay here….I hope my suggestions and ideals work for all involved..okay?? My time at Circus Circus I have just LOVED…From the first point when I walked in until the last when I checked out..1.This is a THEME BASED hotel…I love it and I'll talk more about the amenities in a moment…2.If you are bothered by children …younger kids or people..this may NOT be for you3. Please understand what information you might need and ask for BEFORE you go as much as when you are there..Now to the FUN part….I stayed on the 15th Floor..and there were at least (4) elevators going up and down to get me to my room as safe as always, next I always enjoy The video Games; these are located in the Main building of the hotel named(West Tower) also there((kid friendly..and adult friendly)) games on this same floor which allow you to enjoy a different kind of winnings in the form of ((stuffed animals)), keys chains, small bracelets, and just plain FUN bragging rights too! Just for the note of record, I did WIN a unique looking TURTLE too playing The Ring Toss…the lovely lady was very kind and she very much seemed to be having FUN herself..((note that attractions like these at the hotel are usually closed or stop running around 11pm or 12midnight, but please be sure to ask the Front Desk..On this same Level..(West Tower)..there's also Nice settled small Circus Acts that are going on from about 11am((maybe 10 am)) until about 10pm with performers from all over the world!! Thats a wonderful experience in its self to me, but also its GREAT for kids and adults alike..these shows last 10-20 minutes apiece in length and yet, to me they proprovide a LIFE LONG experience in time..((TAKE a lot of pictures please)) I sure did.. Next we have other FUN interests ((mind you on this same floor))…places to eat..There's The Steak House….Its been Voted Best of Las Vegas for over 20 years and recently 2011 and 2012 as Top Steak House in Las Vegas They have award winning mesquite-grilled steaks, Prime Rib, Lobster and Crab Legs very much in a Traditional and relaxed setting too..(come as you are)..yes bring the kids too.. If you think that you know steak..then you'll LOVE this place..((remember though, its a little bit pricy, look to spend from 15.95--59.95…give or take ..It opens Sunday---Friday from 4pm--10pm….Saturday until 11pm…They also have a nice Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm ((Featuring $5.00 Sterling Vintners Collection Wines and half price cocktails too ((Nice Value)) ask for more details…from the restaurant..The Garden Grill This establishment is a wonderful place to go if you the type of persons or family that wants a Nice value with your BAR typed food…Burgers, Wings, Salads, Snacks, there really is something for everyone too…There's daily drink specials at this establishment just ask..((Be sure to try the Frosty Fresh Margaritas too or Sangria!!! ((YES you can also keep the glass)) ask about what I am talking about and why>… My fav was the Strawberry!! They too also open at 4pm daily though their hours will vary when they close, ((Just check with the establishment)) instead.Next we have our Circus Circus Buffet…ENOUGH SAID!! GREAT!!! FOOD!! FOLKS!! FUN!! There's a great selection of choices of different and cultured food and If YOU could NOT have something say ((NO)) onions, the chefs would be gladly willing to prepare you something else..There's a station that just makes Omelets((breakfast&Brunch only)) then for dinner that same station becomes a place where YOU have 12--14 different kinds of pasta to choose from and then about the same for choices for sauces your pasta may be tossed in too..add chicken or shrimp or even salmon((when its available)) to your meal too.. there's a HUGE room where you can just get NON--alcoholic drinks fountains drinks for days there's also at least 2 Dozen choices of drinks too,,Orange Juice, Apple Juice Cranberry too….they are even nice enough and kind enough to let you fill small container or to of your favorite Non--alcoholic drink((just ask))..this is a great FIND and even a better value…I would suggest.. that you check with the hotel and even through your 3rd party dealer to see if there are ((specials)) on prices…this is especially nice if you are traveling in LARGER groups or parties of usually 10 or more sometimes 8 or more but ((always ask)) first….prices are very economical usually starting at ..9.99--22.99 per person..but keep this mind that also ranges in -price on a couple of factors…A. When or what time that you goB.The ((potential discounts that you may or may not receive )) though your booking or not before you get to the hotel or at the hotel tooC. Party size..and children..Kids pricing from 4--10 years old are different then from anyone else(((also kids under 4 years of age eat free))I hope these ideas help for this..The hours are Breakfast 7:00 am---11:00amBrunch 11:00am--2:00pm….Dinner starts between 4pm and 4:30pm until they close((Also if you have Larger Groups and or Parties call ahead)) they will let you sit as much together as they can if you give them some notice..))You'll be impressed with this Restaurant…Vince Neil's Restaurant and Bar ((also known as Vince Neil's Tatuado (tatuado) means(heavy tattoos) represents The legendary Vince Neil ((lead singer of Motley Crue)) lets just say I LOVED it but also there's its own unique atmosphere of Rock& Roll meets Rock & Roll FOOD!! ((Also take a lot of pictures )) I sure did!! There's history all around you!! There's also a multi culture of staff and environment to choose from and enjoy there's his personalized BIKE just out side his establishment that again makes this place rock..theres always something going on!!! There's a bar right next to his restaurant as well great drinks specials …a Karaoke Night as well((ask about that and what night too)) Here's another secret…when you are walking around this great hotel of Circus Circus, be sure to take some coupons that the wonderful staff who work there are always giving out…((REALLY)) there's great and nice value for eating there including ((kids)) TOO sometimes.. Look for this offer too..Its a STEAK Special …which includes (2) steaks and sides..(fries and veggies)) plus either a bottle of wine or (2) beers..((If you are taking togo)) and a piece of Cheese Cake for only $39.00!!Yes really!! Its normally a $69.00---$79.00 in price !!! I asked just to be sure! Use the coupon ((before ordering)) if you want this offer to take with you ((togo)) just say so with the coupon..then you'll get to substitute (2) beers from the draft instead…not bad at all…Everyone please understand that these deals are available, but please do not hesitate to ask either before you BUY …Just for reference I enjoyed this place and this offer MULTIPLE times…It's a wonderful Deal…very very underrated…Its like its own Diamond in the Rough..Also don't forget about the Rocking Big Bus next to the Restaurant as well(( Great drink Specials too)) FUN FUN FUN>>>This place offers a really nice breakfast too!!Opens at 7:00 am ---11:00amLunch 11:00AM--4PMDinner4pm---11:00pmLate Night on Friday and Saturday ((check for Hours))Then there's The Pizzeria Its Very Hot Freshly Baked Pizzas made to order((yes they are)) I watched when I ordered too..This establishment also makes wonderful salads and sandwiches((hot//cold)) too, they even make to order Calzones!!There's also a way you can arrange for an IN---ROOM Delivery too…just ask the hotel people and or the management there…((I did that once too))Easy Enjoyable…and very Convenient!!Hours are a little different Monday---Thursday 11:00am--11:00pmFriday&Saturday&Sunday 11am--around 12 //or 1am sometimes but call ahead to be sure on those datesRoom Delivery--Monday---Friday 4pm---11pmSaturday&Sunday 11am---11pmGreat and Easy Eating especially for Groups and Families too!!There's also The Westside Deli((Call for the Hours)) I believe opens 24 hours,,.but I would call and ask first thoughThere's also The Blue Iguana Mexican Express, as well..(I enjoyed the Enchiladas))Call for the Hours as they are Seasonal and sometimes Change!!The Iguana is actually the State animal of Nevada ((More specifically its a Horny--toad type but ask The Local Officials too)) There's also Barista Bagels & More..Great place for a quick grab or a quick Lunch too!! ((Its opens at 6:30 am daily!!))Now lets talk about the different types of things to do OUT side and NOT to far from Circus Circus…there's Slots of Fun which is also part of the Hotel too just a short walk ((and its covered)) right next to the Hotel..there's Bowling just (5.00) for a complete 10 Frames there's also A Subway and there's multiple gift shops there too, and there's message chairs (starting at 3.00 and up))..As you can see there is a lot to do…read my other review PLEASE and If there's a way that I can help or assist in a question you might have please ASK….YES my stay was EXCELLENT!! YES my stay was WONDERFUL!!! YES I"LL STAY here AGAIN!!!Most importantly I'd also suggest that as a potential guest please be aware of what YOU want and also what you may NOT…in fairness these ideals will go along way in your time and experience in Las Vegas too!!Thanks again Circus Circus!! I will be back when I can…as I can …when I can!!Impeccable Service!!Great Value!!Thanks Again for a Wonderful time!!!!

  • Ryan K : Andover, Minnesota
What I expected for the price

We stayed in the Manor buildings at Circus Circus. These are not in the main building and not by the casino. You have to walk a bit to get to them. The manor buildings are older and have not been remodeled recently. There is nothing flashy about them but the beds were comfortable, pillows were great and the room was clean.The walls did seem thin, we were of the main entrance and I could hear people come in and out.The rooms were significantly less expensive than staying some place else which is what I was looking for.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

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Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3,772 rooms in 5 multi-level towers
  • 7 restaurants
  • 6 lounges
  • 3 swimming pools (1 heated)
  • Children's pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Beauty salon
  • 3 Casinos
  • Race & Sports Book
  • Shopping promenade
  • Valet laundry service (fee)
  • Adventuredome Theme Park, an indoor, climate-controlled, year-round amusement park set on 5 acres of land, featuring rides, carnival games, acrobats, magicians & jugglers from around the world, attractions, shops & refreshments
  • Carnival midway featuring free live circus acts every 1/2 hour
  • Wedding chapel
  • Golf nearby
  • Parking (fee)
Tower Rooms include:
  • 1 king or 2 queen beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Cable TV with pay-per-view movies
  • Wireless internet
  • In-room safe (fee)
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Max occupancy 4 persons
Note: At least one person per room must be 21 years of age or older to check-in at this hotel.
Kid's Deals - Kids under 17 stay for free; pay a special rate including airfare and transfers when sharing a room with an adult using existing bedding.
Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Circus Circus Hotel & Casino
    Las Vegas,United States

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Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1138

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