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Beautifully appointed rooms, shingled rooftops, private courtyards and magnificent gardens combine to recreate the charming atmosphere of romantic bed-and-breakfast inns found along the mid-Atlantic coast of the 1940s. Plus bustling nightclubs, restaurants and shops at Disney's Boardwalk entertainment district, adjacent to the Resort, recapture the fun and excitement of bygone waterfront villages and shorelines.
Location: Near Epcot theme park, Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park and Disney's BoardWalk Area. 35 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Krista S : Chicago, IL
Fantastic Hotel

My husband and I are frequent guests of Disney World and the Boardwalk is one of our favorite hotels. The location is one of its best features. It’s walkable to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios (5 to 10 min) while the Disney Boardwalk area provides welcome relief from the theme park crowds. There are stores, wonderful restaurants, and entertainment along the entire Boardwalk. The hotel itself is gorgeous. It is reminiscent of the old Atlantic City Boardwalk with grand furnishings in the lobby and common areas and elegant rooms filled with every comfort. The soundproofing is excellent and we slept soundly during our stay. One of our favorite features of this hotel is the pool with the Clown slide. It’s so much fun! Many wonder if the Disney Deluxe resorts (like the Boardwalk) are worth the money versus staying at a Moderate. The Deluxe Resorts have better amenities like balconies, central air conditioning, comfier beds, and better toiletries. They also have fitness centers, better proximity to the theme parks, and don’t have the “motel” feel of some of the moderate resorts. We’ve stayed at both types of resort and make our choice based on price and availability. The Boardwalk is a conference hotel and frequently sells out. But we hope to stay there again soon.

  • zacopeland18 : Orlando, Florida
Great for food and wine festival.

Wanted to stay here during Epcot food and wine fest, because it's walking distance to the back entrance of Epcot and is super convenient. The rooms have a very old feel to it, but that'so on purpose. No restaurants in the hotel, but a few right out on the actual Boardwalk.

  • Dennis G :
Great location, perks, staff, activities and views

Rooms are very nice, love that my room had a water view, the actual briadwalk is great. Lots of shops, restaurants, lots of street performances , and a boat that can take you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This is a awesome place to stay. The only bad thing i cam say is not about the resort or Disney but about the others guests and how they treated the staff. For me the staff was amazing. Very polite, proactive and detail oriented, super nice and kid friendly. Now as for the other guests staying there, they disgusted me, not just a family or two but I witnessed at least 5 or 6 negative guest interactions in a 4 day span where guests were talking to employees like they were slaves or their own children. From what ibcould hear the guests were complaining about things that were not Disney or the individual resort or employee's fault. Most of these guest were complaining because their kids did something that they were not supposed too and the parents somehow blame their kid falling or breaking something on the employee or resort which is frankly just stupid. Anyways I give The employees of this resort two thumbs up. They do an amazing job and handle themselves in the best of manner even in the worst situation. I highly recommend this resort

  • Amy Ryann R : Elmwood Park, IL
Location is Key, Clean, A Dream!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my review! I hope it helps you in your travels and decisions, I know they can get complicated but I guarantee this hotel is worth the money and time. Location, character of the hotel, and cleanliness is key for Boardwalk Inn and what led it to a 5 star rating with me (trust me, I do not easily give those out to hotels) My TripAdvisor portfolio is just a small window to all of the travels I have had in my life for personal and business, I take great pride in being fair and extremely detailed when looking to review a location or taking photos of a location. Background on me, I am a mommy who teaches, I travel to FL 2 times every year for about 28 years or so now and I am not rich by any means I just research deals until I make the best packages. Best time to travel to Orlando is usually October. It is cooler, decorated for the season and a little less crowded. This trip was a super last minute thing so that is why we ended up here in July, however, we have been here when it was way hotter and more crowded. Okay, so are you ready to learn about the Board Walk Inn? Alright, here we go.... Parking/ To Hotel Transportation - When staying at a Disney property, you have an option of renting a car if you will be going further to Universal, St. Augustine, International Drive, beaches, etc. and you will park on site in a monitored, gated lot in which you are let in and out from quickly. Other option is you let Disney take the wheel and they provide airport transportation, park to park transportation, and Disney Springs transportation on awesome air conditioned bus that has comfy seats, tvs, etc. luggage goes on bottom of bus safely. Usually the bus makes 2-3 stops to pick up or drop off others at other hotels but this takes no longer than 15-20 minutes. This saves you on parking at the parks, gas, tolls, etc. Airport to Disney area is about 40 minutes given traffic, When returning home, the hotel will deliver you your airport boarding passes, time to meet bus in front of hotel to leave for airport etc. It is down to like a science, very impressive and relaxing. Hotel will watch over your bags with a ticket claim if you are going to check out pf room and have time left over before your shuttle time back to airport. This is free of charge, tips accepted. Was a great service to have. Ali was a nice man who helped us with this process. Great security feature is we ordered Papa John's one night as a midnight snack and the driver called back to let me know he was not late, he was at the gate but they were taking down his information and verifying who he was delivering to for safety reasons. I saw this with my own eyes because I was waiting for him outside the lobby where cabs come and go. I was impressed with that safety and privacy feature. Board Walk Inn- The hotel itself is classy, clean and easy to manage. Lots of staff and security seen. ANDY our check in cast member went above and beyond to make everything fun, smooth, and comfortable. He even told my daughter tips on being safe in the park and what to do if we were lost or separated. The lady co-worker next to him was cranky and was heard lecturing him as we walked away for giving my daughter too many stickers so I am not saying by any means you won't run into any issues but we loved our check in experience with him. He was patient with all of our questions and had answers we were happy with for all of them. TIP: ASK TO BE ON THE SECOND FLOOR. Reason for this is it is same level as shuttles to parks, lobby and bfast stand close but not too close in the morning where a nice lady named Mary works. Also this is where you can meet the elevators to take you to either the carnival pool or quiet pool. I will talk about these later in the review. We had a garden view by a gorgeous fountain, villas, and quiet pool. We were told by several staff these rooms tend to be a bit more spacious and good for larger families. huge closet with a safe in it, ironing board and iron too. Bottom floor where you can take stairs or elevators takes you to the pier where the boat will pick you up for Epcot or Hollywood Studios or you can walk it. I will be honest with you, I am a slow walker and do not like heat so walking it felt like heck on Earth even if it was only a 10 min. stroll. (I know that sounds lazy) You need that energy for the parks. Just sit and enjoy the pretty boat ride. Boats are air conditioned and accommodate strollers and handicapped. We are very familiar with the Disney parks but this was our first time staying on property (We are usually Universal only) so we learned you receive Magic Bands, these are rubber watch like items you wear during your stay and can do things like open your hotel room, charge items or food to your room once that is scanned and a personalized pin you made has been entered, photos taken in park are recorded here, proper scanning of finger to enter park, etc. You can decorate these bands, they can get wet, can take them on and off as much as you like. Anything charged to the bands will be billed to the account on file and that said bill will be e-mailed to you. Children in your party are allowed to charge if you want to make them feel special or use it as a teaching opportunity and Disney can put a special cap on how much their band can "charge" it is a nice feature, especially if you have maybe kids old enough to wander away from you for a while but you want to feel good knowing they can access things if needed and cannot get a hold of you. The hotel is by far superior to Art of Animation, Coronado, or Orleans style Disney hotels but below the class of say a Floridian. The style of the hotel is 1930's-1950's Conney Island, board walk filled with shops and food you would never know is really there unless you go looking for it. Very quiet in the day time, not sure about night because we were at the parks until almost midnight. Supplied with H20 cleaning products for your hair and body, there is a nice size fridge in the room, hated the two serving coffee maker. Very detailed furniture related to theme and property, chairs had carvings of Mickey and Minnie, shower curtains had ferris wheels and oil paintings were of rides or board walks. Carpets clean, SAMSUNG TV HUGE flat screen with gorgeous pic, fold out sofa bed that can sleep 2-3. Had a semi private balcony with tile flooring and chairs. Ice and Vending - machines hidden behind heavy white doors in halls. Credit card feature did not really work, had to go back for cash. I should have let an employee know but to be honest I was tired and it was late. I do not recommend letting children go do this on their own. Was hard to maneuver, did not like how isolated it was.Fire exit signs and fire extinguishers were found frequent down the halls. Bathroom near elevator, three stalls for women's room with sink in handicapped stall, sorry gentlemen, I am unclear of what is going on in yours but I am sure it is very similar. pools/work out- work out room modern with Life Fittness equipment, located by bottom floor near pool and art store. Carnival family pool area is large, has a slide where you can see Tower of Terror when you get to top, current semi strong once to bottom of slide so monitor young children even though they have lots of life guards. Slide has a green and red system for when it is okay and safe to go down the slide, I still would monitor this if people are not following directions or kids do not understand and are up there alone. Pool offers toys that float around for everyone to use, has a weird round hot tub that is deep but only fits like 6 people at a time. Timer is hidden by fence, hard to see. Offers drinks and snacks, has on site bathrooms which was AWESOME, playground and kids pool also here. They do DJ time and try to have kids come together to do pool games and challenges but we felt they kind of needed more direction with that. Lady was not as enthusiastic or engaging for the roll as what seems required. No food or drink is allowed 5 feet around the pool side we know this because we were drinking a Sprite with our feet in the water watching my daughter swim and they told us we had to put that back by our table. No big deal, I like they want to keep the pool as pure as possible. Second pool is called "quiet pool" or as we called it The Great Gatsby Vibe. This is in the villa/garden area, it is no more than 4 feet deep, good for relaxation or privacy, has a small and warmer hot tub with handicapped accessibility and bathrooms on site. pool noodles also float in this pool if you would like them, if not, just put them off to the side. We felt very relaxed and fancy in this pool. Both pools were safe enough and small enough to leave phone or private items wrapped in a towel by your chair or table and be in eye site, of course that is not recommended or suggested. towels are provided for you by hotel but they are small and very rough. I am glad I brought my daughter's towel from home for her. Quiet Pool needs some updated pool furniture however which was so odd because of the area it is located in. Vending machine also on side for pop at this pool but no onsite drink/food services like at carnival pool. Boardwalk shopping/food - You are better off eating in parks or ordering from near by but if you need something on site, there is a store near the boat pier and art shop that looks almost identical to the shops on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Interconnected, it offers treats, clothes, jewelry, toys, handbags, and other important things we wish we would have caught at the beginning of our stay like bagels, bread, cases of water, breakfast food, cereal, pop tarts, etc. and lots of other grocery needs. Great for last minute things or if the shops in MK are too crazy or you are too tired almost all the same items are right there at your hotel finger tips. When I booked this hotel with my family, we read all kinds of reviews of people going crazy over their ice cream shop but we found it to be just okay and pricey. They made an extra chocolate milk shake by mistake and gave it to us on the house which was nice, even nicer when we saw it normally costs $8.00 without whipped cream for a small. The peanut butter ice cream was good. Pints cost $12.00. Just go to Ghiradelli at Disney Springs if you want real ice cream in my opinion. Location - This park is awesome because it is surrounded by all the parks. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are literally in the back yard of this hotel, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom are just a 15 minute shuttle bus drive. In the morning, you wait under an overhang area forming different lines depending on what shuttle you are taking to where. a TV with locations and time is there as well. Some other hotels on Disney property are either too close and have you trapped and are too far away from everything, or it can be the opposite. This has you in the middle of it all which saves you on time and hassle. Because you are on property, you are given Magic Hours which means at different parks you can go in an hour early or stay an hour late depending on what park is offering what that day. Housekeeping- mediocre if I am being picky. One house keeper gave us new soaps etc but left them in a pile, one house keeper organized all of our shoes and my daughter's toys so it just depends on who you get and how busy they are. I like that you constantly see them visible in the hotel and working on making the rooms clean and nice. Garbage was always taken away, carpet and tile clean. Better detail to balcony needed however but not a big deal at all really. Their job is hard. Always tipThis year has been hard on our family for many reasons and we had to cut back from our normal style of going to Universal and Disney etc. so to dish out for a vacation in general was a big decision and risky and we were super lucky and thankful to go in general. Our package may be different from what you find available because of time of year you go, events happening, etc. but we had room 2348, garden view, 2 queen beds with a pull out sofa, 3 guests with 3 day park hopper tickets with taxes cost us $2,255.00. We bought our American Airlines airfare separate on Travelocity because we did this so last minute. The actual package for hotel and park ticket combo was done from Disney's website and My Disney Experience. We called to recap on the phone with a nice man named Chuck. Overall, it was worth every penny because it was more than just a vacation, it was a life experience our family will remember and appreciate forever. The hotel is for any age range, saw lots of people for business, saw couples, saw retired age people relaxing, whatever your needs, Boardwalk Inn has you covered. Enjoy your stay! Take lots of pics!

  • Hikerman1 : Nashville, Tennessee
Absolutely perfect! Club level is Top notch

This trip my wife and I took our two adult children. We had visited twice before as a couple and wanted our kids to experience a truly remarkable resort at Disney.. this was our third stay club level here at the Boardwalk Inn and I cannot say enough about the Club level staff and management. They are truly family to us. We love everyone there so much. I have never experienced such a devoted group of people. My wife and I love talking to all of them.The food that is served is absolutely wonderful. The variety of items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert time is awesome. Chefs from the flying fish prepare the food for dinner and what an amazing setup and the food is out of this world We booked a deluxe room and it was perfect. The room was very spacious and allowed us to have plenty of room. Mouse keeping did an outstanding job cleaning our room. Each day we returned it looked just like the day we arrived. I cannot imagine staying anywhere else. This resort is our Disney home.

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Items not included:

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  • Items of a personal nature

  • 371 Rooms
  • 4 Full Service restaurants: Flying Fish Cafe, Kouzzina by Cat Cora, ESPN Club, Big River Grille & Brewing Works
  • 6 Quick Service restaurants
  • Pool bar
  • Lounge
  • 2 night clubs: Jellyrolls, Atlantic Dance Hall
  • Room service: 6am - midnight
  • 3 Pools, including: free-form with a water slide in the form of a classic wooden roller coaster
  • 2 whirlpool spas
  • Tennis
  • Marina
  • Fishing
  • Bike rental
  • Jogging trail
  • Health club
  • Massage/spa services (fee)
Standard room includes:
  • Balcony or terrace
  • 2 queen-size beds or 1 king-size bed and 1 single murphy bed
  • Full bathroom
  • Ceiling fan
  • TV with Disney Channel, ESPN & more
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini-fridge
  • Coffee maker, tea set-up
  • Safe
  • Internet access
  • Iron/board
  • Table and chairs
  • USA Today delivery (Mon-Fri)
  • Occupancy: 2 adults and 2 kids; or 3 adults and 1 child
Kids Deal - Kids and teens 2 to 17 stay free.

For the Kids - Kids' pools, Playground, Video arcade.
Complimentary transportation! Disney Resort Guests are free to enjoy complimentary Disney transportation throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Just steps from your door, boats, buses and monorails await to transport you from the Theme Parks, Water Parks, the Downtown Disney area and more.

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  • Disney's Boardwalk Inn
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Disney's BoardWalk Inn
2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL 32830-8442

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